Scissor Platform Hire – Things to Consider

If you need a scissor lift for a project, you’ll want to consider the benefits and drawbacks of scissor lift hire. The height of scissor lifts can be dangerous and the type of terrain they need to work on is also important. Here are some things to consider when evaluating your scissor lift rental options. Depending on the project, a standard scissor lift might be enough for the job, but if you’ll need to move the platform over rocky terrain, you’ll need a model with higher ground clearance.

Before hiring a scissor lift, make sure to prepare the area in which you’ll be working. If you’ll be working outdoors, you may want to put up some red warning tape to avoid any potential item falling. If you’re working inside, you should also make sure the ground under the platform is level and appropriate for the type of work being done. Otherwise, you could get injured while working. Make sure to take photographs of the area before hiring scissor lifts.

Before hiring a scissor lift, determine how high you need to work. Some scissor lifts are capable of reaching up to 18 meters. You can operate them at different heights, so you can adjust their height to fit the area. The platform height should be enough to allow workers to move up or down walls. When hiring a scissor lift, make sure to check the maximum height of the platform you will need to work at. The larger the job, the larger the scissor platform will need to be.