Schools in Point Cook

If you’re thinking about buying a property in point cook, you might be wondering what schools are nearby. Fortunately, there are plenty of good options for education in the suburb. You can find a variety of school types in the area, from kindergarten to university degrees. There are also numerous colleges that cater to international students.

Is Cottey College private?

The high schools in point cook provide a quality education for all students, regardless of their background or enrolment status. They also offer extracurricular activities and other amenities for students. Moreover, they offer a wide range of subjects for all levels of schooling. The schools in point cook also have a strong focus on sustainability, including a vegetable garden and kitchen that allows students to learn about sourcing and preparing healthy meals.

This is a public school that serves students from across Melbourne’s Western suburbs, with enrolment mainly from the local government areas of Point Cook, Sanctuary Lakes and Altona Meadows. It is affectionately known as Carranballac and offers a Foundation to Year 9 college program for its students. The institute provides a blend of modern and cultural education, and it has a growing reputation for excellence.

The school has a competition-grade gymnasium built to Netball Victoria standards, as well as an art department and science department. It also has trade training programs and select entry academic programs. The college is also famous for its disability inclusion facilities. Students from Point Cook Primary can take part in the YMCA after-school community cooking programs, which are taught by professional chefs.