Online Forklift Certification

osha forklift certification online can be taken on your own time and from anywhere with an Internet connection. The course will typically present material on the safe operation of powered industrial trucks (or forklifts) in a variety of work environments. It includes videos, reading, interactive exercises and a final exam to test for understanding and retention of the information. It will also include a wallet card & certification that can be validated by scanning the QR code or referencing the Operator ID on the front of the certificate. This can be shown to employers and is a requirement if you intend on driving a forklift at your place of employment.

The forklift operator training course is designed to be completed in a convenient and cost-effective manner. This course will teach you everything you need to know to operate a forklift safely and effectively while keeping yourself and others around you safe. This training meets all 2023 State & Federal OSHA compliance requirements.

Elevate Your Expertise: The Convenience of Online Forklift Training

Getting certified for operating a forklift is not hard, but it is important that you get the right training to ensure your safety and that of those you interact with in the workplace. Accidents involving forklifts are very expensive for everyone involved, and the wrong type of training can lead to serious injury or even death.

Fortunately, OSHA has made it fairly easy for employees to become certified to operate a forklift. The formal instruction or “classroom” portion of the training can be done online and many companies will also arrange for a live evaluator to provide hands-on evaluation in the workplace.