Mushroom Grow Bags

mushroom grow bags

A mushroom grow bags is a type of plastic container for growing mushrooms. Many mushroom growers use these bags, and they’re a great way to keep your substrate sterile and your mycelium healthy.

They’re reusable and come in a wide variety of sizes. These bags are often gusseted on the sides, which allows them to fold down flat for easy storage when not in use.

There are several different kinds of mushroom grow bags on the market. Some are made from thinner plastic that are more likely to rip or tear, so be careful when handling them.

The best mushroom grow bags are made of polypropylene, a sturdy and durable plastic that can withstand the high temperatures used in sterilisation machines. They’re also clear enough to allow you to see when the mycelium has colonized and is ready to fruit.

The Ultimate Guide to Mushroom Growing Bags: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

Another benefit of a mushroom grow bag is that it allows you to control the amount of oxygen that your fungus receives. A filter patch on the front of the bag lets air in, but not contaminants like bacteria and mold spores.

Mushroom grow bags can also be used to store fruiting blocks of mushroom substrate. This allows you to keep the fungus contained until it’s fully colonized, then open it up and let it fruit out in all directions without damaging the substrate beneath.