Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Casters

Ball bearing casters heavy duty are designed for heavy loads. Depending on the application, a wide range of casters are available. Casters are typically made of cast iron, aluminum, steel, or polyurethane. These types of casters have high tensile strength and are resistant to corrosive elements. They also have a long service life.

Does tire size affect caster?

Generally, heavy duty casters have a 4 x 6 inch top plate. They are available in brake casters, swivel casters, and rigid casters. In addition, some models are equipped with a locking mechanism.

Heavy duty ball bearing casters are ideal for moving equipment, furniture, and other large objects. They are available with a variety of wheel widths. The standard load capacities are 750 to 2400 lbs.

Choosing the right caster is crucial. Make sure it has the correct diameter and composition. If you are working in a location with corrosive elements, choose forged steel. Polyurethane is also a good option, as it offers the best balance of strength and durability.

If you need a bearing for light to medium duty applications, plain bearings are a good choice. However, if you need to move heavy loads, you should consider a sealed precision ball bearing. This type of bearing is ideal for minimizing vibration and noise. Sealing helps prevent lubrication, so maintenance is minimal.

Another choice is a pedestal precision ball bearing. Pedestals are typically used for light to medium duty applications. A pedestal precision ball bearing is designed to provide the best rolling characteristics and noise reduction.