Cladding Sprayers Near Me

cladding sprayers near me

Whether your property’s exterior cladding is metal or wood, it will need some tender love and care in order to maintain its aesthetic. A protective coating of cladding spray paint will improve the appearance as well as providing a shield against weathering, dirt, and corrosion. Cladding painting is often far more cost effective than replacement and is available in a range of colours to match colour schemes and branding.

If your commercial or industrial building cladding is looking a little shabby, it can affect the way your business is perceived by clients and customers. Revamp Spray specialises in re-spraying ageing or damaged cladding, making it look as good as new and at a fraction of the cost of replacing it. Read more

Spraying Solutions Nearby: Finding Cladding Sprayers in Your Area

The cost of a cladding respray will depend on the number and type of items to be sprayed, as well as any scaffolding that may need to be erected for safety reasons. The size of the cladding item also impacts the price, with larger or more complex items costing more than smaller ones.

When it comes to choosing a cladding sprayer, there are a few options designed specifically for this purpose, including airless and high-volume low-pressure sprayers (HVLP). It’s important to practice with your sprayer before you start using it on real projects. This will help you get a feel for how the machine operates, and it’ll also help you perfect your technique. It’s vital to stand close enough to the surface in order to be able to reach all areas, and to be aware of any show-through as you work.