Bespoke Shirts – Why They’re Worth the Extra Cost

tailored shirts uk

Bespoke tailored shirts uk are a fantastic way to build your classic gentleman’s wardrobe. They’re very expensive and will take time, but they’re well worth it in the long run.

Traditional high street operations like T M Lewin, Hawes and Curtis or Charles Tyrwhitt are multi-million pound businesses selling vast quantities of shirts every year. They’re renowned for their quality, fit and range, and they offer everything from work shirts to tuxedo shirts, plus linen shirts for when the sun’s out.

A good bespoke shirtmaker will create a pattern from the measurements you provide them with, and they’ll make adjustments as you go along. They may change the collar, or alter the cuffs in some way to give you a better fit. They’ll also tailor the buttons to match, and they’ll give you options when it comes to the sleeve opening.

The Best Tailored Shirts for Men in the UK: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Fit

They will do this for a number of reasons, one is that you might have different shoulder widths, and if you have narrow shoulders or sloped shoulders then you could end up with a shirt that’s too loose in the back. Another is that you might have a problem with the lateral balance of the shirt, which means there’s a lot of extra fabric bunching up in a diagonal line across the chest.

There are also other issues that you might have if you’re looking for a tailored uk shirt, such as the fact that they often use Chinese short fibre cottons in their production which can be purchased for a much lower price. This means they’ll be using poor quality fabrics and the finished product will not look or feel as well made as a bespoke shirt.