Bed Bug Heat Treatment

bed bug heat treatment in London

Bed bug heat treatment in London is one of the most difficult pest insects to eradicate, especially as they have become immune to many traditional insecticides. The most effective way to get rid of them is a complete heat treatment. This involves raising the temperature of the room up to 56°C, which destroys all stages of their life cycle.

We will place several temperature sensors in the room to monitor and control the process. Once the optimum lethal temperature is achieved, it will be maintained for a couple of hours to ensure that everything is killed. The heat is then switched off and we will return to the property to check that all areas are safe for you to inhabit again.

Rising Temperatures, Vanishing Pests: The Science Behind Bed Bug Heat Treatment in London

Before the heat treatment begins, you will need to clear away as much clutter as possible. Any clothes, books, toys and stuffed animals should be stacked together or placed in open laundry baskets to allow the heated air to circulate. All other items such as clothes, curtains and bedding should be hung up or spread out on a flat surface. Expensive woolens (such as cashmere) must be dry cleaned before the treatment can begin.

Once the rooms are cooled and you have emptied your belongings, our pest controller will spray all areas with a special IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) insecticide. This will break the bed bug lifecycle and prevent it from spreading to other rooms within your property. After the full heat treatment and chemical follow up two weeks later, you should not vacuum or mop any treated carpeted areas for a further five days.