A Totally Unique Device That Will Make You Drool

The Vape Box is the newest addition to the already insane world of cheap vaporizers. It looks like a normal clear soda can but it has a lighted glass tab inside of it that when you put your finger on, the device lights up. You then take a dab of your favorite e-liquid and place it inside of the glass tab. When you do this it heats up the liquid inside of the tab, simulating an actual candle. This will give you a hit of vapor in your mouth without having to worry about constantly refilling the can. It’s convenient and probably much safer than an old-fashioned tab.

Why You Need A Totally Unique Device

Not only are there over a dozen different flavors to choose from, but now vapers have the ability to personalize their boxes with their names on them! This allows their friends to not only have a flavor of their own but to also be able to flavor the vapor that comes out of their device. You can get names like Baked Alaska or Baked Berry depending on what your favorite flavor is or you can get ones that are blank. There are even ones that have a photograph of your face on them like My Life On The Lake. Just be sure that you put your name and your picture on the box so that others can get your exact flavor.

Although the Vape Box is a unique device, it is also an extremely easy-to-use one. This is because all you need is a standard-sized device and a hot-swappable mod or even a replacement mod. If you choose to use a tank, all you need to do is replace your ordinary tank with one that is capable of holding your customized liquids. Once you have that part taken care of, you can simply fire up the device and turn on the power switch to get your custom flavor. One thing that users seem to really love about this is the fact that they no longer have to waste money on purchasing liquid flavors because they can simply use their own flavors!