A Garden Edging System Is a Great Way to Accentuate Your Landscaping

Garden Edging System

A Garden Edging System is a great way to accentuate your landscaping. These metal structures are strong and durable, and the materials are resistant to rust. In addition, they are easily cut to fit any shape, making them a great choice for edging. This edging system is also flexible and very easy to install. You can fasten them with stakes which are also provided by FormBoss and can be purchased additionally if required.

Edging Helps Reduce Compaction

The basic design of the Garden Edging System comprises a trough or other insert inserted into the ground. A detachable insert extends beyond the trough and offers ease of mowing and an attractive appearance. The Garden Edging System is inexpensive to purchase and install, and it offers a neat and tidy look.

Garden edging is not required for an entire lawn. It can be retroactively added after the area is completed, although the earlier you install the edging, the better. Otherwise, the lines will start to blend and the zones may not be clearly defined. Brick, stone and concrete are popular materials for edging, but there are also many creative options. Logs, recycled roof tiles, and coated wire can be used as an edging.

When using plastic landscape edging, it is a good idea to unroll it the day before you install it. This will ensure that the edging will lay flat and less crinkly. You can also dig a shallow trench before placing the edging system. If you do, it is a good idea to dig a 4 to 5-inch trench. If you do, you can use the excavated soil to fill the trench with new soil.